Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Battle for Mount Hyjal

Last night was < Fire and Blood >'s first trip into T6 content. Sure its cheating a bit as we are only 5/6 & 2/4, but with the removal of attunements in 2.4 we wanted to check out Hyjal.

So for out first time in I think we did well. We one shotted Rage Winterchill. It was a tad sloppy as a lot of people including myself died to Death and Decay, but Rage went down, and a win is a win.

Next was Anetheron. He was a bit tougher. We had some issues getting the infernals picked up and burned down. It took us 4 goes to finally down him. But he was nice enough to drop Don Alejandro's Money Belt for me. Its not Belt of 100 Deaths, but its a nice upgrade from the Gronn-Stiched Girdle which I had been wearing.

Three months after rerolling we are one shotting a Tier 6 boss on our first go. Call me happy.

The Sunwell Badge Vendor opened last week. First thing I got was Vanir's Right Fist. I didn't have enough badges to get the offhand right way. Which was ok because Saturday on a Zul Aman run Fury dropped. That's close enough to the badge off-hand to make do for awhile. So I spent my badges on a Bloodlust Brooch. Not very sexy, but it was my weakest item left. Next upgrade needs to be my Helm. I'm going to be about 50 points short of the S3 helm this week, so another week on that. sigh. My gear on Baelor is about where I was on Bannonn. Its probably a bit better for raiding, as my gear score on Bannonn was inflated by having more Arena and Vindicator gear. Certainly my Shoulders and Belt are than the ZA gear I had and my Weapons are better as well. Chest and Helm are still lagging a bit behind. I should probably grind out the Vindicator's bracers as well, as they are an upgrade to the Bracers of Maliciousness

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