Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hydross, Check.

Great raid last night. We one-shotted Gruul's and Maggy before moving on to SSC to give Hydross another try. People were much better this time, no one pulled agro at a bad time, and Hydross went down first try. Great job by everyone. We then went and took on lurker again. Had some bad luck first try so one wipe there, before we downed him handily on the second go. So three weeks into raiding we are 2/6 in SSC, and able to take out 5 bosses in 3.5 hours. This is beyond my wildest expectations for where this guild would be this soon.

The under geared Shaman did get some nice loots this week. I took home both the Liar's Tongue Glovesand Shoulderpads of the Stranger I also did pick up Cyclone Sholderplatestoo. I feel a bit bad about that, as I replaced them in under 2 hours. The Shoulderpads of the Stranger are the best Enhancement shoulders this side of the Sunwell, though and the rogue decided he wanted to keep his T4 set bonus.

I'm now down to 1 piece of mail gear. Its pretty sad that all of the best enhancement loot is rogue gear. Sure some of the T6 items are better, but they still have a lot of wasted itemization points. The mail DPS gear was almost all designed for hunters with AP and Agi. Of all the epic mail items ilevel 100 and up there are only 3 non tier, non PvP items with Strength on them. Of those 3, 2 of them still waste stat budgets on Int, Mp5 or both. WTB better itemization please.

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For the Pie said...

All loot is hunter loot. I just let you have some every now and again.