Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Down Goes Vashj!

Damn she's a tough one. Three and a half hours working on her before we finally got her down, but oh was it sweet. Despite people being tired and frustrated everyone pulled together, and we got her out of phase two with most of the raid up. After that it was smooth sailing. She dropped 3 hero tokens, and the Coral Band of the Revived as well as Belt of One Hundred Deaths. I got one of the token and now have Cataclysm Helm. Would have loved the belt, but I got the Money Belt off of Anetheron last week, so our other Enhancement Shaman got this one. The Helm was a much bigger upgrade. As a matter of fact its pretty much equal to the S3 helm I was planning on getting tomorrow, so I need to figure out what to spend my arena points on instead. Maybe the chest, as I'm wearing the S1 chest.


Green Armadillo said...

It may seem like a lot of time, but it's a real testament to the gang you've put together that she went down so quickly. It's not uncommon for guilds to hit an end of instance boss and be stuck there for a month. Hopefully there's eventually going to be something in the game tough enough to challenge you guys (other than mandatory SR gear farming, which will no doubt suck), or you're all going to be sitting on your tail ends trying to figure out what to do with the sharded Kil'Jaden loot for a while before Arthas comes along. :)

Race said...

Oh she was plenty challenging. We just have a really good group of players that learn from their mistakes. Granted we didn't beat our heads against her for a month, and I'm extremely grateful for that, because no one likes a full night of wiping. It was extremely satisfying to get her down on our first full night of trying her.

There are plenty of challenges staring us in the face. Kael, Archi, RoS, Mother Sharraz, Illidan. We will be lucky to get to the Sunwell before WOTLK