Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Friday was Kara night. We had to many people for 1 run, so we rallied the troops and made two groups. Both group had full clears in under 4 hours. That goes along with the group that went on Thursday. Three groups farming Kara every week. That's pretty nice.

Saturday we went back to TK. Our last trip there we didn't manage to down Void Reaver. This time we got him on our second try of the night. From there we moved on to High Astromancer Solarian. We had a few issues with the debuff, and it took us 3 wipes before we downed her. Still Two more bosses on the hit list. I'll take two new bosses a night, I mean we can't do that very often can we?

Apparently we can. Last nights raid had us back in SSC before the reset. First up was Morogrim Tidewalker. After a couple of wipes on trash leading up to him we one shotted the big dwarf.

So we moved on to Karathress. It took as a few goes to get the pull down, but once we got that part down the fight was smooth as silk. We downed him with all 25 still standing.

So recap for the week.
Farm Status:
Kara 3 groups

New Bosses downed
Void Reaver

Color me pleased!

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