Monday, March 31, 2008


Friday night was my night to lead a Kara team. We had a bit of a rough start, something came up clearing trash to Attumen, and our DPS warrior needed to leave for a couple of minutes. Two minutes turned into fifteen so we found a replacement. Just in time too, as trash respawned even before we could get back to the entry. We had one wipe on Maiden as we weren't really thinking and had the Paly tank him. Not the best idea. We switched to the Bear next go and she went down easy. One shotted everything else up to Prince. We were doing well on prince on our first go until we had an infernal land right on top of him about 1/4 second after an enfeeble, and we lost all 4 melee dps. Got him down the second go. Loots were not quite a good this run. A lot more void crystals. I did grab Fool's Bane off of Ilhoof. That allows me to switch my S1 Axe back to MH and get rid of the BBW's Paw.

Saturday evening we headed to SSC for the first time. Our first target was The Lurker Below. Had a couple of wipes, but we took him down on Try number 3. Not the best drops, but we did get Mallet of the Tides for our Main Tank, which is great. Then we moved onto Hydross. We had a lot of people who had never been here before , and this is a fight that can take a bit of getting used to. We got four tries in, and our best effort got him to 35%. So not a win, but a good go on our first attempt. We just need to make sure everyone stops dps on the phase changes, as that's what was killing us.

Sunday was catch up day for me. Did a bunch of little stuff that I needed to do. I also decided that my raiding gear was a bit to weak for PvP so I went out on bought the ghetto PvP set Seer's Linked Armor I went on the cheap for gems and enchants, as the AH was pretty barren or massively over priced yesterday. I'll recheck for some better gems during the week. But its not to bad for a starter set. With my Vindicator's Pendant of Triumph and my S1 Axe, I'm at 185 resilience, and pushing 9k health unbuffed. I lived a bit longer in BG's and when we did our 5v5 last night, I felt things went better there too. Ended up going 3-7 which for our team with our gear isn't so bad. Should be sitting on over 1000 arena points next week. Not sure what I'm shooting for at this point. A S2 Axe perhaps, or the S3 helm. I'll probably just see what I get in drops by the time I have the points and fill in the gaps the best I can.

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