Friday, March 28, 2008

Patch 2.4

Well Patch 2.4 is here.
And my initial impression is a positive one. Yes there are some bugs. BG's had some major issues such as realms not showing, and last night on my server, they were constantly crashing. But these bugs should be worked out soon.

Shaman changes. Overall good for Enhancement. Not the buff we were promised in PvP, but still it was something. The tremor totem change has been very nice. The Totem UI I haven't used, as I prefer my xperl frames and Yata. Instant GW is nice. The reduced CD on totems is a bit hard to notice, but still its a nice bonus. I'm missing the longer duration of the damage redution from Shamanistic Rage. In sum I'm not noticing the class changes too much, so while I was hoping for more, all in all its a gain.

AV changes. Haven't had a chance to do any premades yet. The new starting position actually is a benefit for the horde in my opinion. By starting farther back, its much harder for people to just zerg. People are forced to play some defense, and the Horde is much more likely to win in that scenario than the typical n00b zerg that I see every AV weekend.

Quel'Danas. I like it. QD has moved onto phase two, the new dailies are a nice change of pace. Sure with everyone trying to do them it can be a hassle to get your spawns, but its not to bad. The rewards are nice as well. Lots of gold, rejuv pots, scryer/aldor marks, random greens, and even a BoJ so far for me. There is a lot of traveling invloved, so I wish I had my epic flyer, but all in all im pleased

Magister's Terrace. Or Mr. T as I prefer it. Ran it for the first time last night. Pretty fun instance. Intersting boss fights even if several of them are recycled. The first two bosses went to easy as pie. The priestess was a challenge though, and we wiped a couple of times on her. Finally the Kael fight was a real pain. The phoenix really can't be meleed, as he hurts bad. Its very healing intensive as well. I was spamming CH as fast as I could during the anti grav phase to help out the resto shaman. Still we lost people. We finally downed him when I dropped my fire elemental to beat on Kael during the anti grav, and then I anhked after dying and finished him up. Very good loots for a 5 man. Looking forward to wiping on it in heroic eventually.

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