Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And so it begins...

Well after finishing up a couple of straglers in BEM I moved onto Netherstorm, and ground quests. I got to about 98% when we decided to run Old Hillsbrad. So I ended up dinging 70 before my character was created. Unfortunately the time paradox did not leave a wake of epix behind. :(

It was really late by the time we finished so I dissed just enough stuff to create my runed adamantite rod. Then took the windrider to SWN to buy my mount. It only cost 900 gold, so I still have like 115G left. Woot.

So my second 70. Rolled on 1/22 dinged on 3/3. Just under 6 weeks. A month faster than on Bannonn. My gear is ok but certinly nothing to get excited about. A few instance blues and the rest quest rewards. Still I managed 450 dps in OH. I'm pretty sure I was well into Kara before I managed to reach that threshhold.

WoW is different than all the other games I've played before. The Elder Scrolls games, are open ended, but still have a main plotline you usually follow, and once its done, its done. The D&D based games are the same, They have a plotline you follow, and then thats it. Back when I was playing Everquest, I never hit the level cap. It was raised to 60 right before I started, and I never got much beyond 50. None of my guildies were much farther along. In fact I don't recall many max level characters at all. A level 60 was like unto a god back then. In World of Warcraft, half the characters are max level. Getting to 70 while an accomplishment, happens all the time. Unlike most games, in WoW once you hit the cap is when the game really begins.

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Game Dame said...

Woot! New shammy!! Yay, we need more of our kind out there! Looking forward to your posts.