Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maggy Downed

Our second week of 25 man raiding saw us scheduled for Gruul again. High King Maulgar, was a pain as we kept losing add tanks. Took us 3 tries before we got our act together and downed him, but we then proceeded to one shot Gruul. I got Gronn Stitched Girdle to replace Shattrath's Champion Belt. No Dragonspine Trophy though :(

That took a bit over an hour so we decided to move on to the revamped Magtheridon. Dps was great as we took out the 5th channeller right as Maggy broke free. WE did have a bit of a suprise, as we thought the abbysals had been removed. Our locks reacted quickly and feared/banished them. Everything was going smoothly, got the first blast wave, clicked when somehow maggy started to beat on the druid off tank. He started cleaving though melee dps, and in the confusion we missed the blastwave call and wiped. Well. It was out first try at him as a raid, we get one mulligan, and used it to well. Second Go everything went perfect. All Channelers down just as he releases. Tank Picks him up, and we go to town. Our clickers handled their jobs. ( Only one team needed now woot!), and we burned him down fairly quickly. Boss Down, 25 raid members up. Flawless victory.

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