Monday, March 24, 2008

We are raiders!

Saturday was our first 25 man raid. That's a pretty big step for characters and a guild that didnt exist 2 months ago. We downed the High King and the Dragonkiller, although both took 2 tries. With that success bouying our spirits and plenty of raid time left we decided to try Void Reaver.
We cleared trash, and had a few struggles doing that, but nothing to bad, then we had a go at our first T5 boss. First try didn't go to well, so we regrouped and tried again. Got him to 10% but couldnt take him down. Gave it another couple of tries, but we just couldnt keep enough people up to down him. Still all things considered it was a hell of a shot, and I'm confident we will take him down next time.

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