Monday, March 17, 2008

Kara Day 2

Curse you Netherspite. Sure you went down easier than George Michael at an interstate rest area, but you choose today to finally drop Skulker's Greaves? 6 months of clearing Kara on Bannonn and I never saw them. First clear on Baelor and they drop. Why is this upsetting. Because just hours earlier Quagmirran dropped Midnight Legguards, and I'd just spend 500 gold gemming and patching them up. So I passed Netherspite's pants to the rogue. *cries*

Day Two of Kara was great, we swapped in a few people who we had on backup Saturday. Two of them new recruits, who were past Kara gear wise, so that helped a lot. But Still one shotting everything in the seconf half of Kara, on the guilds first run is pretty impressive. I see a lot of really good players coming into < Fire and Blood > and it wont be long before we are into the 25 mans. When we rerolled 2 months ago, I never though we'd prrogress this fast and grow like we have. Its extremely gratifying to see.

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For the Pie said...

It's cuz you had no hunter in the group to mess things up.