Thursday, March 20, 2008


Our little guild is growing up. We are running two Kara teams this week, and still having to put people on back up. < Fire and Blood > is up to 87 members, 52 of which are 70's.(This does include a number of alts.) We have come a long ways in 2 short months since a half dozen of us rerolled level one toons.

I led last nights Kara Run. Well led in the sense that I had the RL icon and was Master Looter. I let the Main Tank handle the marks and pulls and order the CC that he wanted. It was a pretty smooth run, We didnt manage to clear everyone in the alloted raid time, but we one shotted everyone up to Chess. It will take a bit more gearing up for some folks before we are doing full clears in 3 hours. Loot was great. 8 bosses and no void crystals. Not everyone got something, but most did.

I got very lucky with drops. Attumen left me Stalker's War Bands,Moroes was wearing Edgewalker Longboots, and Maiden dropped Gloves of Quickening The mail items no one else wanted, so even though they aren't optimal, they are better than my blues. Our DPS druid didn't want the boots, so I took them ahead of the Druid tank, as they were a large upgrade for me.

So three bosses, three upgrades for me. I'm feeling a bit greedy, even though no one else was remotely intersted in the mail. So what should drop as we are clearing to Opera? Formula: Enchant Boots - Surefooted . There are two other enchanters so we all /roll, 98 for me. My enchanting is only at 364, so I offered to pass if either of them could use it now. But both were much farther away from 370 than I was. So by this time I'm almost hoping that nothing else drops for me. Opera is Red Riding Hood. Big Bad Wolf's Paw drops. I really need a weapon upgrade. I was main handing Gladiator's Cleaver which is more than suffiecent at my gear level, but I was still off-handing Mag'hari Fury Band No one was intersted in it so I gladly took it by default. Luckily the rest of the drops from there on out went to other people. So 15 badges, one formula, and four item upgrades on the run. A very good evening.

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